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“Beer; it’s the best damn drink in the world.”
- Jack Nicholson

We focus on creating the highest quality beer in a range of diverse styles, with a special focus on traditional Western European styles. Bavarian pilsners and lagers, English pale ales, and customary Belgian beers will be brewed alongside more contemporary and experimental styles like West Coast and New England style IPAs, barrel aged and sour beers.

vine of hops
man holding grains
man holding up a pint of beer next to brewing equipment

Beer for everybody!

Our passion is to craft exceptional beer that everyone will want to drink. We combine critical expertise (Michael has a Master's degree in Brew Science, after all) with curiosity to come up with tried-and-true styles and some occasional experimental batches. Our flagship beers include our award-winning tropical hazy IPA, A Thousand Haze To Die, and our best-selling Mexican-style lager, Havoc Actual.