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We're OPEN on the 4th! Come have a cold brew (or a few) with us!

Every artist knows that the process of creating something beautiful must begin with a process of destruction: canvases are scraped, clay is pounded, wood is cut away. But it’s through the destruction - the HAVOC - that something new and beautiful emerges. Making beer is like that: Grain is crushed. Hops are boiled. Yeast live and die. But through this havoc we share the beauty of something new and devastatingly delicious.

Our Story

Welcome to the fascinating journey of Havoc Brewing Company, where every sip of beer is infused with a tale of passion and resilience. Founder, Michael Pipkin, began his adventure into the world of brewing as a hobby, learning to brew in a friend's garage while serving in the Navy. Michael's love for crafting delicious beer only grew. What started as curiosity soon transformed into a passion, taking Michael from brewing in 5-gallon batches to commanding 80-gallon sizes right in his own garage. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, as the world retreated indoors, Michael's garage became a beacon of social connection, a haven for friends and neighbors to enjoy a pint and a moment of togetherness. Listen to Havoc Brewing Company's journey, from its humble home brewing origins to becoming a beloved microbrewery nestled in the heart of Pittsboro, NC. Discover the story behind every brew, a testament to the power of community, the joy of creation, and the spirit of rebirth.

The Beginning

Born in the midst of the pandemic, when our founder Michael, a Navy veteran, was deciding on his next chapter, and with the encouragement of friends, family, and knowledgeable beer fans, Havoc grew from an idea to a well-supported and architected vision, underpinned by the happy happenstance of the name itself.

Using word studies to systematically hone in on the brewery name, Michael kept coming back to the word Havoc. It reflected so much of his own experience: he liked the value of breaking things and making things, of tearing something down and creating something new. Later, when he shared the name with his business partner and fellow Vet, Troy, he wasn’t expecting the reaction he got.

“No way…Havoc was my call sign in Afghanistan.” And Havoc Brewing Company was born!

Havoc Brewing Interior taproom space -round wooden tables with wooden chairs

The Name

Havoc is all about possibility. What comes after the destruction? The chance to make something wonderful.  It is also all about reinvention. Havoc is only the beginning.  That constant cycle of breaking things down to create something new is the heart of our brand, as reflected in our phoenix logo, which includes a hops bud as the body of the phoenix. We are confident this will resonate with our customers, as it is relatable for so many, on so many different levels.